Where has the year gone?

HA! Weekly updates.

Nobody really believed that, right?

I have good reasons, I swear.

I’m back in school for starters, and boy oh boy is this current class writing heavy. So writing heavy in fact, that it more or less dashed by aspirations for NaNoWriMo against the proverbial rocks. I’ve had very little time for my personal writing when each week is filled with chapters to be read and noted on, journal entries and weekly writing assignments to write and discussion boards to participate in.

Then of course there’s still the day job; a good 9 hours out of my every day, not including the commute. This isn’t really an excuse per say, just an additional reason for why I’m so terribly behind.

Have I mentioned how backlogged I am on TV shows too?? Oh how I miss the days of binging… Lounging on the couch in PJs with a bag of [insert tasty treat here] and a nice cup of [insert warm beverage].

So yeah, life is a little hectic at the moment, but my writing will continue once I get the hang of managing my time a little better. Fingers crossed. That said, I would sincerely like to do more random short story writing, so once I finish with this class (got 3 weeks left!) I hope to drop a new short to get my fiction fingers back in action.

Then I’ll have about 2 months to bang out a new rough draft for the next WIP and start on draft 3 (or 4?) of the last WIP to get it ready for beta reading.

And that about wraps up my agenda for the next few months.

I hope everyone Stateside has had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, and for those who celebrate, have a happy Christmas and New Year, just in case I don’t manage another check in before that time.


Boring Update

Right. Hi there. It’s been a while. I understand that, I do. But let me explain how turbulent things have been and maybe that’ll be a somewhat fitting enough excuse. So there’s been an international trip and a move to a new house; and oh yeah that trip was smack dab in the middle of said move. Also I’ve registered to go back to school. So yeah there’s been things. I haven’t just been avoiding this place or anything, but things happen.

That said, I’m back! I’d like to get back into weekly updates (although I’m pretty sure I wrote that in my last update, so there’s really no reason to take my word for it). Just know that my heart is in the right place even if my brain and fingers are not.

I’m still editing though. Yeah, same book I have been. Maybe I failed to mention that I’m just excruciatingly slow at these things. It’s getting there however, and I have a sort of deadline at this point as I’d like to participate in NaNoWriMo again. So that means I only have until the end of October. That will be the end of draft 2 for this current WIP, and hopefully I’ll already have it in the hands of beta readers at that point.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at.

Future projects include another novel and a potential serial that I’d love to post here on a weekly basis. Go ahead, laugh. I agree. Lofty goals lol, BUT… it’s good to have some anyway.

At any rate, thanks for checking in!

Until next time.


I’m still alive.

I’m still editing.

I’m still in training at my new job.

Of course, things were slowed the last couple of weeks as sickness struck. No worries, it wasn’t THE FLU, but it was a bad enough head cold that I developed an earache and went on antibiotics, which might have a second round coming up. Apparently I’ve been suffering from a massive sinus infection, which probably accounts for the trouble my ear has been giving me over the last couple of months. I’ll find out tomorrow if it’s cleared up at all. I probably should have gone in to see a doctor sooner, but I really am loath to see them. It isn’t a phobia, but it’s certainly on my list of least favorite things.

Otherwise things are moving forward. I’m working on draft 2 of my WIP, and waiting on some feedback from a friend to decide on some very big changes that could happen within the story. Not sure which way it’ll go, but I should find out soon enough.

I’m also going to go see Disney on Ice today with my mom. Sure we’re both adults and not bringing any children with us, but honestly I think it’s healthy to do something whimsical every now and then. The last time I went to one of these sorts of shows I was in the single digits, so it’ll be interesting to see how enjoyable it is after growing up.

At any rate, felt like it was time for an update. Hopefully I’ll finish my second draft within this next month or so and I can write another short story.

Until then, stay awesome!


Finally an update!

So National Novel Writing Month has passed, and though I’m sad that I didn’t ‘win,’ I still got pretty damn far. I’m about 10,000 or less words away from finishing this rough draft, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I expect to be finished in the next week or two, but definitely before Christmas chaos and travel begins.

I’ve also seen the new Thor movie between my last update and now, and yes, I absolutely loved it! The Hulk and Loki are probably my favorite marvel characters from the MCU (but let’s not talk about Hulk’s stand alone movies cause… just no), so seeing them together again really brought joy to my heart.

I figured I’d throw up a quick update now because I have travel coming up very soon, so I likely won’t get another chance to make a post until 2018. Fingers crossed that the new year brings us all better tidings, eh?

But back to the WIP stuff, my book has really taken me for a bunch of turns I never expected, and I am super excited to finish it, let it rest, then jump right into revisions. I’m still not sure whether or not it’ll fall in an upper middle-grade or younger young-adult category, but I’ll just fix it up as best I can and get some second opinions.

I hope everyone who might come across this has a wonderful December and a lovely holiday no matter what you might celebrate. Enjoy the winter, enjoy the countdown to New Years Eve, and just enjoy being you.

Happy holidays everyone, and I’ll see you in the new year!

Switching to Sundays

In light of the fact that I work a full time job and all that, I think I’m going to move blog posting day to Sunday. I want to challenge myself to try and push out a short story every other week, and that’ll fit in perfectly with the “Short Story Sunday” tag I already have created. So with that change in mind, I’m keeping this post super short, and I’ll see you back here on Sundays!

Hint: it’s going to be a short story.

Change in adaptations

Change is good.

At least, that’s my opinion . I had a very interesting debate the other night regarding change, specifically that which comes when adapting books or comics to movies or television shows. The crux of the debate circled around whether or not it was ‘okay’ to change the race (or gender) of an iconic character. It revolved specifically around that of Roland Deschain from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, and the Doctor from Doctor Who.

On my side of the argument I said yes. Yes, it is okay to change race/gender so long as the character is still intrinsically similar. Do I think that a retelling of the classic Captain America story should have the role filled by a woman? Well, maybe not. It would be a different story simply because of the time and place that Captain America originates from. With a different race/gender, the character would have a much different experience of events, and while the personality might survive, it would still be a different story. But then again, maybe even that’s okay – a new take on an iconic character could be a breath of fresh air and allow the movie to touch on new issues.

But Captain America example aside, when the race/gender of a character has NO bearing on personality? At that point I think it’s a FANTASTIC idea to break the mold. I love re-imagined adaptations/interpretations (when they are well done). In the case of Roland Deschain, and similarly Johnny Storm in the most recent Fantastic Four movie, or with a female version of the Doctor, I don’t feel like gender or race would make much of a difference to who that character is. And hell, even with my initial example I still concede that even then the personality could endure, and to me that’s the most iconic part of the character:

Who they are as a person and the actions that define them.

So fuck it. Why can’t we have a black woman be Captain America? Couldn’t she still fight for justice and the American dream and take down Nazi’s of any era? Sure her backstory would be different, how she came to fight in the army during that time and the trials that she faced, but is it really so wrong to re-imagine those things?

I’ll admit that mistakes have been made recently with other movies trying to reboot a franchise with a gender-flipped cast (coughGhostbusterscough), and while I’m not against the premise of an all woman team replacing a previously all male team, for the love of god why can’t it be done right? If you want to change something, change is all the way! We didn’t need a remake, we needed a new start. Make them the daughters. Pass the fucking torch. Give us women, give us minorities, but give them their own movies too, don’t just steal from the past cause you’re too lazy to make a brand new movie for fear or failure. Create something new for them.

You know what movie did a great job of this in my opinion? Evil Dead. I love me some Bruce Campbell, and nobody will ever be able to replace his amazing Evil Dead movies, and so they didn’t even try. What did they do instead? Made something DIFFERENT. They didn’t try to capture the same feelings and exact same story as the original. Sure there were call backs and some scenes almost shot for shot identical, but it was different enough in tone that it didn’t matter. It was clearly a ‘remake,’ but it was done right.

So either make it different enough to stand apart, or make it a continuation I say.

Change is good though people. But, for all the naysayers who think that a different race/gender is killing an iconic character, please tell me why you think that way. Who the hell could have looked cooler than Idris fucking Elba?

giphy (2)

Happy 4th of July!!

Seeing as it’s a holiday and all, I’ve decided to keep this short, sweet and to the point.

I sincerely hope that everyone has a lovely day with good weather, good food, and good family or friends to spend time with. Have fun. Enjoy the fireworks and festivities wherever you are, and don’t forget to set some time set aside to watch Independence Day!


Typical Tuesday

I think I’m going to try and update every Tuesday. I can manage once a week, right? Suppose we’ll find out at any rate…

That said, it’s business as usual, though things have sort of been on pause since last Tuesday. I had family visit, and that was a little more important than searching for agents to query. More family is coming in on Sunday, and between that, a WIP, a full-time job, and considerations of going back to school… I have my work cut out for me.

Seeing as there isn’t much to update, I guess I’ll just ramble for a bit. I’d mention the news, but really, when you wake up every day to something new and horrifying, it really does become numbing after a while. Honestly I just wish everyone on every side could stop being an asshole. It’s sort of amazing to me the lack of all around empathy so many people have, and neither side seems at all able to understand the other. It’s a systemic problem really, and I think things will only get better when we can fix it from the beginning.

Anyway I won’t turn this thing into a political soapbox, but maybe one day I’ll write something relevant to the issues our world is facing.

In the meantime… I have gods to write and apocalypses to prevent in my own fictional and dysfunctional universes.

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See you next Tuesday!