Adding Magical Realism, Plus NaNoWriMo Hopeful

I finally made my decision on whether or not to write a MG ghost story with magical realism or not, and I’m pleased to say that I am going forward with it. Ever since coming across the term I’ve been sort of enchanted by idea, and while I started out wanting to write a kid’s horror, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not very good at creating horror. I love reading it, and I love to watch it; however, when it comes to producing horror of my own I don’t seem to have any sense of what’s needed. I may have a passion for it, but I just don’t have a knack for writing it, at least not that I’ve seen so far. I might try again eventually (got a couple ideas floating around), but right now I’ll shelf them and move on.

SO…. with that finally off my chest, I’m pleased to say that now my efforts will be to write something vaguely reminiscent of Pan’s Labyrinth but for children, so obviously with far less horrifying moments and themes. I’m now rewinding a little to add in these new elements. What I’m really hoping for is to be finished with my planning and outlining before the end of October so that I can participate in National Novel Writing Month finally! I’ve never really been in a good position to join, so fingers crossed I get a chance to this year.

Will I be able to finish this been before the end of this year? Sweet Christmas do I hope so ūüôā I’ll keep the blog updated on my progress in the meantime.

In other news: I’ve been slacking a little on the Querying front… definitely need to remedy that soon…

Still going

Needless to say, PitchWars was a bust. Thankfully the world moves on, and I’ve begun to query again. I’m 6 rejections in, all of them basically saying the same thing: thanks for the query but no thanks. I think I might go up to 15 rejections before I sit down and maybe revisit the manuscript. I have some notes from my writer’s group and a potential prologue just sitting off to the side right now; once I hit 15 I think I’ll make some adjustments and then try some more.

Work on the current WIP continues. I’m right at the halfway mark, so that’s nice. Unlike so many of my other projects though, this one is far less wordy. So much so that I might actually have to go through and¬†add more words. Insanity! I think though, that because I’ve chosen to try my hand at MG instead of adult, I’ve also been trying to avoid going too deep into the descriptive rabbit-holes I tend to get stuck in.

Also, the big question on my mind is how different I’d like to make this WIP once the rough draft is done, if at all. Currently it’s just a simple premise: children’s ghost story, but I keep asking myself if I should add something extra. Ghost story in space? Ghost story with magical realism? I think my biggest worry is the notion that perhaps a simple ghost story just isn’t enough. I should probably start scouting out the MG market to see what agents are looking for and what’s overly-saturated right now.


At any rate, work continues and the world moves on.

WIP Word Count: 19,424

Pitch Wars x2

So I did it.

I did it on the last day (as I assumed I would), but I’ve submitted to Pitch Wars with my fingers crossed and my gut twisted.¬† Truth be told I’m not expecting a full MS request or anything, but whether I get one or not, at least I’m still putting my crap out there, and that seems like a step in the right direction.

Do I¬†hope I get a full MS request and/or mentorship? Well on that I’m torn. It would be pretty awesome to work with somebody published on there and get some good ‘outsider’ insight/perspective, but at the same time I’m working on a new WIP, and the thought of diving back into an old one isn’t quite as exciting. Still, I think I would really work hard to make it worthy of publishing, and if I’m not chosen then I’ll just keep querying and hope some helpful agent out there will give me some pointers.

And like I said, still working on the current WIP, and while progress isn’t always steady, it’s still moving forward!



I love my family. I thought I should preface this post with that statement, because for as much as I love them, damn do they detract from reading/writing time. There’s family visiting, there’s family moving in, and then with it being summer and all there’s other family that wants to do outdoorsy things. You know, the sorts of things where toting a laptop with isn’t exactly ideal, or there’s an entire lack of available wifi.

BUT… family is important and I love them, so as exhausting as it can be I wouldn’t change it for the world. Of course, this all sounds like a mountain of excuses for why I don’t have an updated word count. I am trying though. I’m still trapped in ch3 of the new WIP, and as for the finished manuscript I’m still working on querying. Two rejections and the others are a no response so far. I’ve been slowly working my way down the list on the MSWL site, so once I read the end of that list I’ll have to figure out where to go next. Probably querytracker and a whole lot of googling.

At any rate, that’s where I stand right now. I need to continue writing my WIP and querying my finished MS, read 3.5 completed rough drafts for my writer’s group, and find time to spend with my family and friends – all when I’m not working 8a-5p, M-F. Also, did I mention I’d like to continue my education at some point? That BA in Accounting won’t earn itself.

Thank goodness I don’t have kids…

#WonderWoman #amquerying


I did it.

On Sunday evening I e-mailed my first query letter, but dammit if I didn’t forget to include my freaking e-mail address and phone number. Of course I only realized that five seconds after hitting send. Figures. Sometimes ‘I can’t even’ with myself, but at least I can take heart in the fact that there will be others, and that the probability of my first query reaping results was slim to none anyway.

That said, it was the first query letter I’ve ever sent, and that’s still a huge step in the right direction. It was hard hitting that send button. After all, querying for an agent is like walking up to a stranger on the street and asking them to judge you. It’s scary, but now that I’ve done it once I know that I can do it again; and again; and again; for however many times it takes. I’ve got a long hard road ahead of me trying to convince someone to represent a book from an over-saturated market.

I figure I’ll shoot for something like 150 queries before I give it up and just self-publish.

In the meantime I have other books to work on, though I’m still not entirely sure which WIP I’d like to dive into next. There are so many, but I think in the end it’ll be a toss up between two. I won’t walk about either yet though, just in case something changes.

Switching topics now…


I took my little sister to see this movie on Saturday, and color me impressed! Honestly I’ve been less than enthusiastic about any and all DC movies. Superman isn’t something I’ll watch a second time; too grim and dark. I couldn’t even get through to the end of Batman v Superman. And well, Suicide Squad is just a bad movie. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it, but in more of a guilty pleasure sense rather than it being something of good quality.

Wonder Woman was good though, in every sense of the word. It was beautifully shot. The CGI didn’t jump out at me as unrealistic. The acting was fantastic. The plot was solid. The lighthearted scenes were masterfully injected without detracting from a more serious story. I really have zero complaints. DC needs to bottle that formula and use it again, cause as it stands I have zero interest in seeing their Justice League.


Up Next

As I collect agent information for querying and read over all the queryshark entries, here are some other things also in the works:

1. New WIP outlining!!

So¬†obviously this is what I’d like to be doing most of all. I have a new book in mind (completely unrelated to the one I’m about ready to query), and good grief do I just want to spend all my time working on it. I don’t want to give much away since it’s still only in the outlining phase, but I¬†will say that it has to do with lesser Gods.

2. Continue working on my query letter and synopsis copies. I’ll keep reading these over the next few weeks to make sure they are as ‘tight’ as I can get them.

3. Possibly make some additional changes to the final draft.

Some members of my writer’s group have given feedback, and there were a few things noted, though different things by different people. Hence the “possibly.” I’m torn on whether or not I want to make the changes, not because I don’t think they’d be an improvement, but mostly because I am just so ready to be finished with this thing. Until I hear feedback from an agent or editor, I might just let this thing sit as is. To quote a member of my group, “at some point the editing has to end.”

And he’s right. I will forever think of ways I can improve what I already have, but eventually I just have to say enough is enough and let this bastard go. So my top two priorities are still outlining and querying, and while I do both of those I’ll keep reading what my group has written too. One of us needs to get an agent before year end!

Twitter Fail!

Eh not really.

I mean yeah, but I’m just being dramatic.

I did indeed throw my pitches out yesterday for the PitDark event, but sadly no bites. BUT, that is nowhere near the end of the road. I have a long way to go still and really, the Twitter thing was a wholly unexpected addition to what I knew I’d need to do anyway.

I’ve only really recently started to use it (after my writer’s group suggested we all start amping up the social media use), so these pitch events hadn’t even been on my radar before then. So in the end I am a little disappointed, but I’m nowhere near unwavering in my commitment to finding an agent.

Speaking of my writer’s group through, I’ve seriously got to give a shout out to these guys. They’ve been such amazing help. Our 1-year anniversary since the group started is next Friday, and really I don’t know if I’d have even pitched yesterday if it wasn’t for them.

If any new writers ever happen across this blog post, if you ever take one thing away, let it be this: get¬†support from other writers!¬†It’s all well and good to have friends and family read your stuff, but it isn’t quite the same as a person who can give a critical review and tell you¬†how to fix shit. Over the year my group and I have of course become friends, but because we started out or relationship by constructively criticizing one another, there’s no fear of hurting anyone’s feelings. And, well I don’t know about anyone else, but when I have a friend or family member read something and tell me it’s good, all I can think is that of COURSE they’d say that. They love me and don’t want to hurt my feelings.

So yeah, if you are writing, find yourself a group of people who like to read/write as well. Their advice and support is priceless.


First Post Ever!

Well, this is my first post¬†here at any rate. I’ll admit, I’ve had little blog attempts in the past, but to be honest, nothing has ever really stuck. I’m not the greatest when it comes to recording my thoughts/musings/whatever-have-yous on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, and so blogs have always seemed like something I’d fail at.

With that little confession out of the way, while I promise to try my hardest, I’m definitely not going to promise a weekly or monthly update on things. As the welcome page states though, I’m just at the precipice of querying/pitching for the first time, so I’ll try to¬†record events as they happen, but since I’m putting a lot of efforts into Twitter, my most up to date news will show up there first.

Speaking of Twitter and pitching… So tomorrow (the 18th), there is a pitching event that I’d like to try my hand at: #PitDark. I have no idea whether or not it’ll pan out, but it’s the first step in getting myself out there. Admittedly I am nervous as hell, but nothing will ever happen if I don’t make it. So I’m throwing my pitch out there tomorrow and hoping for the best!