The Vacuum of Gaming, Writer’s Block and College



It’s been a while.

Let me explain.

For xmas and my birthday the household got a Switch and a PS4. I feel that probably explains quite a bit to begin with, but my excuses (because let’s face it, that’s what they really are), don’t end there.

Then of course there’s been class, and despite it not necessarily being my favorite thing to do, it definitely has to take priority given that 1) education is important, and 2) education is pretty damn expensive these days, so failure is not an option.

So between class, Spiderman, Breath of the Wild, and my ridiculous Steam library continuously calling my name, that’s already quite a few hours gone. But I’m still writing, or trying to at least.

In comes the writer’s block portion of my title.

I’ve hit a bit of a wall in terms of inspiration, so that’s currently been a struggle over the last several months. I have the WIP I started in November, and my previous project is ready for another round of edits, but I feel like I’m sitting in a funk right now and I’m not sure how to shake it off. I’m not excited about the new WIP and that’s bumming me out, and I’m still in a confusing abyss in terms of edits and who I intend my actual audience to be.

To any writers that may be reading this: decide your audience before you begin! I promise it’ll save you some time, effort and grief later down the line.

So, to try and resolve at least one of my issues, I’ve gotten a trilogy at the recent suggestion of one of my writer’s group members. I started reading this week, and hopefully it will help me decide whether or not my finished draft should be revised with a MG audience in mind, or a YA. Fingers crossed, because I desperately want to finish and start querying for that.

I’m also considering a web-serial that I’ve been outlining for a little while now (and world building), but I won’t say anything else about that until I actually start writing it. That won’t see the light of day for some time to come.

And yeah, that’s about it really. Nothing exciting. Nothing new. Hopefully I can work up the gumption to change that here soonish though. Wish me luck.

Where has the year gone?

HA! Weekly updates.

Nobody really believed that, right?

I have good reasons, I swear.

I’m back in school for starters, and boy oh boy is this current class writing heavy. So writing heavy in fact, that it more or less dashed by aspirations for NaNoWriMo against the proverbial rocks. I’ve had very little time for my personal writing when each week is filled with chapters to be read and noted on, journal entries and weekly writing assignments to write and discussion boards to participate in.

Then of course there’s still the day job; a good 9 hours out of my every day, not including the commute. This isn’t really an excuse per say, just an additional reason for why I’m so terribly behind.

Have I mentioned how backlogged I am on TV shows too?? Oh how I miss the days of binging… Lounging on the couch in PJs with a bag of [insert tasty treat here] and a nice cup of [insert warm beverage].

So yeah, life is a little hectic at the moment, but my writing will continue once I get the hang of managing my time a little better. Fingers crossed. That said, I would sincerely like to do more random short story writing, so once I finish with this class (got 3 weeks left!) I hope to drop a new short to get my fiction fingers back in action.

Then I’ll have about 2 months to bang out a new rough draft for the next WIP and start on draft 3 (or 4?) of the last WIP to get it ready for beta reading.

And that about wraps up my agenda for the next few months.

I hope everyone Stateside has had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, and for those who celebrate, have a happy Christmas and New Year, just in case I don’t manage another check in before that time.


Boring Update

Right. Hi there. It’s been a while. I understand that, I do. But let me explain how turbulent things have been and maybe that’ll be a somewhat fitting enough excuse. So there’s been an international trip and a move to a new house; and oh yeah that trip was smack dab in the middle of said move. Also I’ve registered to go back to school. So yeah there’s been things. I haven’t just been avoiding this place or anything, but things happen.

That said, I’m back! I’d like to get back into weekly updates (although I’m pretty sure I wrote that in my last update, so there’s really no reason to take my word for it). Just know that my heart is in the right place even if my brain and fingers are not.

I’m still editing though. Yeah, same book I have been. Maybe I failed to mention that I’m just excruciatingly slow at these things. It’s getting there however, and I have a sort of deadline at this point as I’d like to participate in NaNoWriMo again. So that means I only have until the end of October. That will be the end of draft 2 for this current WIP, and hopefully I’ll already have it in the hands of beta readers at that point.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at.

Future projects include another novel and a potential serial that I’d love to post here on a weekly basis. Go ahead, laugh. I agree. Lofty goals lol, BUT… it’s good to have some anyway.

At any rate, thanks for checking in!

Until next time.

Deadpool 2, and how to do a sequel right

Just my opinion but…

Deadpool 2 manages to do what few franchises can, and that’s to make a sequel that is just as good, if not better than, their first movie. I know that Marvel often knocks it out of the park, but even if you compare their movies against one another, the 2nd films are often weaker than the first. Thor Dark World, not as good (IMO) as the first one. Same with Iron Man. Same with Age of Ultron vs the first Avengers flick. I think the only exception is Captain America, but that might just be my personal opinion. I thought Winter Soldier was way better than the first movie but I’m getting off track here.

At any rate, Deadpool 2 does it right, and it does so because it doesn’t do what Hollywood so often does in it’s sequels. What do I mean by that? Well let’s take Guardians of the Galaxy for example. The first one was amazing. One thing everyone loved about the movie: baby Groot at the end.  OMG how cute was he right? I loved him. You loved him. He was just the the most precious thing ever. So what does Hollywood interpret that as? Let’s add 150% MORE baby Groot! If they liked a little, Hollywood says, then obviously they’ll like a whole butt-load more! Pile on the Groot!

But Hollywood, you’d be wrong. Just because I liked a little bit of baby Groot doesn’t mean I’ll like a lot of it. In fact a little goes a long way sometimes. And Deadpool 2, well it manages to not give us too much baby Groot. I mean, it doesn’t give us any, obviously (though technically they COULD but again, that’s getting off track), but when I say that I mean it doesn’t overdo what it did well in the first film. It changed things. It shook things up. It added new characters. I removed some old characters. It gave me a new movie, not just a rehash of the same old jokes or stories from the first one.

Another win for Deadpool 2 is that the trailer doesn’t give everything away. Or at least not any of the ones that I saw. Maybe I just live under a rock, but I went and saw the movie on Saturday and had such a pleasant surprise that I literally squealed in the movie theater. Out loud. Like a school girl. Marketing department, please take note! When I see a trailer I want to be gently teased; caressed by that titillating lack of detail. I don’t want to be knocked over the head and dragged into a back room where all the best scenes of the movie–and maybe even the ending–are violently shoved down my throat. Wait. That was vulgar. Sorry about that. I get passionate about these things. At any rate, you get my point. Please stop spoiling movies for me Hollywood. I hate it, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one.

So yeah, did I enjoy Deadpool 2? You’re damn right I did. I won’t give any spoilers, but it’s worth watching if you liked the first one.

But again, that’s just my opinion.

I’m not a professional critic.

It’s June

Ah! How did I seriously let so much time pass between updates? You know what it is — it’s a case of persistent procrastination. It’s always saying, “I’ll do that tomorrow,” and then tomorrow never being any closer than it is today. So yeah, I really need to work on my effort levels. You’d think that gets easier with age, but it doesn’t, at least not in my case.

Right. So. That being confessed… I am still working on my second draft of the current WIP. I’m more than half way through however, and in addition to quite a few large changes, I’ve also been working on the query letter for it and have also changed the title.  I am so not waiting until the last minute to get a query put together this time. I still have to do a summary and that will be enough of a pain – which is what I’ll likely do on my next full read-through once this draft is done.

Now I just have to figure out genre and age level it’s for… I think I might go back go MG (I teetered toward YA), and it may possibly fit into ‘dark fantasy’ as a category.

In other news… New job is going well enough. I’m much more comfortable there and I feel like I’m getting the hang of things. I also want to go back to school this year if I can manage it, which will really tie up whatever free time I thought I had. Ugh, the things that we do for our futures, eh?

At any rate, I want to try and pick up adding posts on a weekly basis again (or maybe semi-monthly I could manage better?). I think I’ve given myself more than enough time to slack off. The hardest part of updating is coming up with what to write about, so that’s what I’m going to do for the next week: think about what I want to write about on a weekly basis.

Wish me luck.


I’m still alive.

I’m still editing.

I’m still in training at my new job.

Of course, things were slowed the last couple of weeks as sickness struck. No worries, it wasn’t THE FLU, but it was a bad enough head cold that I developed an earache and went on antibiotics, which might have a second round coming up. Apparently I’ve been suffering from a massive sinus infection, which probably accounts for the trouble my ear has been giving me over the last couple of months. I’ll find out tomorrow if it’s cleared up at all. I probably should have gone in to see a doctor sooner, but I really am loath to see them. It isn’t a phobia, but it’s certainly on my list of least favorite things.

Otherwise things are moving forward. I’m working on draft 2 of my WIP, and waiting on some feedback from a friend to decide on some very big changes that could happen within the story. Not sure which way it’ll go, but I should find out soon enough.

I’m also going to go see Disney on Ice today with my mom. Sure we’re both adults and not bringing any children with us, but honestly I think it’s healthy to do something whimsical every now and then. The last time I went to one of these sorts of shows I was in the single digits, so it’ll be interesting to see how enjoyable it is after growing up.

At any rate, felt like it was time for an update. Hopefully I’ll finish my second draft within this next month or so and I can write another short story.

Until then, stay awesome!


It’s been a while…

I haven’t updated in some time, and that was for a variety of reasons. I’ll start from the top and most obvious reason: holidays! Ugh, what a wonderful and stressful time of year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years Eve to the fact that I left the country for a couple of weeks – this was just a horrible time for me to log in and update. I know, I know; I should have make some posts ahead of time and timed them to publish during that period, but… well I am just not that organized or ahead of the game yet. Maybe next holiday season.

BUT, things are mostly back to normal now. Mostly. My job situation has very recently changed as well, so that too is a shift in my usual normalcy. Hopefully this change won’t be too life altering. One job went away but a new one popped up at just the right time. I’m not really a believer in fate and all that, however it did seem a little ‘meant to be’. I’m looking forward to the opportunity and challenges this new position will bring, so fingers crossed!

Back to more relevant things though: I did manage to finish my WIP rough draft just before my trip to Germany. That was in around the second week of December. Not in time to qualify as a win for NaNoWriMo, though I did still make my own deadline, which was to finish before I left. I didn’t get much done in edits while I was away, but since my return on December 31st, I’ve been making good progress. I’m about 2/3s the way through my initial mark up.

I printed the whole thing out: 290 pages, and around 54k words. Why’d I print it out? Well, I find marking up my work by hand is more helpful. I can see the entire book better, and it’s just easier in my opinion. I do hate wasting the paper, but to combat that I print out 4 sheets per page, so it really cuts down the amount of paper I use.

So yeah, that’s all the stuff that has happened since November. I finished a book; traveled to Germany, saw some movies, and started a new job. What a way to start 2018!

I hope everyone else had a great start to the new year, and hopefully we all see good things coming our way.