It’s been a while.

Let me explain.

For xmas and my birthday the household got a Switch and a PS4. I feel that probably explains quite a bit to begin with, but my excuses (because let’s face it, that’s what they really are), don’t end there.

Then of course there’s been class, and despite it not necessarily being my favorite thing to do, it definitely has to take priority given that 1) education is important, and 2) education is pretty damn expensive these days, so failure is not an option.

So between class, Spiderman, Breath of the Wild, and my ridiculous Steam library continuously calling my name, that’s already quite a few hours gone. But I’m still writing, or trying to at least.

In comes the writer’s block portion of my title.

I’ve hit a bit of a wall in terms of inspiration, so that’s currently been a struggle over the last several months. I have the WIP I started in November, and my previous project is ready for another round of edits, but I feel like I’m sitting in a funk right now and I’m not sure how to shake it off. I’m not excited about the new WIP and that’s bumming me out, and I’m still in a confusing abyss in terms of edits and who I intend my actual audience to be.

To any writers that may be reading this: decide your audience before you begin! I promise it’ll save you some time, effort and grief later down the line.

So, to try and resolve at least one of my issues, I’ve gotten a trilogy at the recent suggestion of one of my writer’s group members. I started reading this week, and hopefully it will help me decide whether or not my finished draft should be revised with a MG audience in mind, or a YA. Fingers crossed, because I desperately want to finish and start querying for that.

I’m also considering a web-serial that I’ve been outlining for a little while now (and world building), but I won’t say anything else about that until I actually start writing it. That won’t see the light of day for some time to come.

And yeah, that’s about it really. Nothing exciting. Nothing new. Hopefully I can work up the gumption to change that here soonish though. Wish me luck.

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