HA! Weekly updates.

Nobody really believed that, right?

I have good reasons, I swear.

I’m back in school for starters, and boy oh boy is this current class writing heavy. So writing heavy in fact, that it more or less dashed by aspirations for NaNoWriMo against the proverbial rocks. I’ve had very little time for my personal writing when each week is filled with chapters to be read and noted on, journal entries and weekly writing assignments to write and discussion boards to participate in.

Then of course there’s still the day job; a good 9 hours out of my every day, not including the commute. This isn’t really an excuse per say, just an additional reason for why I’m so terribly behind.

Have I mentioned how backlogged I am on TV shows too?? Oh how I miss the days of binging… Lounging on the couch in PJs with a bag of [insert tasty treat here] and a nice cup of [insert warm beverage].

So yeah, life is a little hectic at the moment, but my writing will continue once I get the hang of managing my time a little better. Fingers crossed. That said, I would sincerely like to do more random short story writing, so once I finish with this class (got 3 weeks left!) I hope to drop a new short to get my fiction fingers back in action.

Then I’ll have about 2 months to bang out a new rough draft for the next WIP and start on draft 3 (or 4?) of the last WIP to get it ready for beta reading.

And that about wraps up my agenda for the next few months.

I hope everyone Stateside has had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, and for those who celebrate, have a happy Christmas and New Year, just in case I don’t manage another check in before that time.


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