Pitch Wars x2

So I did it.

I did it on the last day (as I assumed I would), but I’ve submitted to Pitch Wars with my fingers crossed and my gut twisted.  Truth be told I’m not expecting a full MS request or anything, but whether I get one or not, at least I’m still putting my crap out there, and that seems like a step in the right direction.

Do I hope I get a full MS request and/or mentorship? Well on that I’m torn. It would be pretty awesome to work with somebody published on there and get some good ‘outsider’ insight/perspective, but at the same time I’m working on a new WIP, and the thought of diving back into an old one isn’t quite as exciting. Still, I think I would really work hard to make it worthy of publishing, and if I’m not chosen then I’ll just keep querying and hope some helpful agent out there will give me some pointers.

And like I said, still working on the current WIP, and while progress isn’t always steady, it’s still moving forward!


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