Pitch Wars

Another Twitter Event is about to begin, and I have no idea whether I want to participate or not. Realistically I should. I could always use mentoring, and my finished draft is certainly not as good as I’m sure it could be with a lot more work. The problem then? I don’t want to do that work!

I am so utterly exhausted of working on that damn book, and if I never have to open it again that would be okay with me.

So I’m torn. Do I try for a mentor and commit to doing another draft of Genesis Lunae, or do I continue my querying efforts and hope that somebody bites while it sits as is? I have until August 6th to decide, and I’m sure I will make my choice on the 5th.

In the mean time, I’ve tried to dedicate myself to 500 words a day on my current WIP. I’ve been on this path for about 4 days now, and for 3 of those 4 I’ve managed 500+ each day. If I can keep up managing this 75% of the time, then I think I’ll be finished before too long. To try and help with the endeavor I’ve started a 500-Club with my writer’s group wherein we basically harass one another every day with the question of, “have you written your 500 words yet today?” I’ll post updates on how efficient this process is.

Here’s hoping…

Current WIP word count: 12,754

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