My little sister is leaving town again this week, but at least I got to spend some time with her last night–a rarity since going out on a work night is never a guaranteed great idea. She’s a big anime fan (right now), and so when it was discovered that KiKi’s Delivery Service was playing close by in a theater, that seemed like a fun opportunity since she hadn’t seen it yet.

The movie (as all Ghibli movies are), is fantastic for both children and adults. It follows the story of KiKi, a young witch just turned 13. In this world, after their 13th birthday, witches are to leave home for a year for training (in witchcraft), and are meant to make it on their own during this time as well. So little KiKi leaves home and heads for a seaside town where she settles down and opens a delivery service. There’s no real ‘serious’ plot she has to contend with (unless you count a minor one about 3/4 the way through), but between the beautiful animation, the lovely themes and rich characters, it’s still a great movie that I think any child or adult can enjoy.

Watching any Studio Ghibli movie is always a treat really, but seeing it on the big screen was amazing. AND it was subtitled to boot! I went through a huge anime phase as well when I was her age, so it’s sort of neat being able to introduce somebody to ‘the classics’. Since her trip up here we’ve seen the more popular Miyazaki movies, so that was nice, and I really think she enjoyed them all. I do still enjoy anime, but certainly not in the all-consuming way I did when I was a teenager.

But she’s leaving on Thursday, and while I’ll miss her, I do think it’ll be nice getting back into my typical routine. I feel like I’ve really been slacking on the reading/writing/querying front, so putting those back into my day will be nice. That said, it also means no real updates to share. I’m still in the first paragraph of chapter 4 for the new WIP, and I managed one new rejection since the last entry. Posting goals is never really a good idea, but maybe if I start small it’ll help me.

So, goals for this next week?

  1. Finish reading at least 2 chapters of FL (writer’s group story)
  2. Begin thinking of another idea for next month’s Short Story Sunday
  3. Get 1k words written in chapter 4 of WIP
  4. Query 2 more agents

Four things… I can do this.

Wish me luck.

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