Zombie Mode Writing

I see now the true genius in planning posts ahead of time. After all, who knows what the hell might happen the night before–or day of–that could feasibly delay writing. Because seriously, who knew that I would get little to no sleep last night? I certainly didn’t anticipate that. I won’t get into the details, but needless to say I am absolutely dead on my feet today, in total ‘zombie mode’.

And I’m not entirely sure if I should attempt novel writing in this state. Sure it’s only a rough draft, but truth be told, I am having a helluva time just writing this. Brain to finger communication is minimal, and I’m fairly certain I would fail any sort of test that requires basic cognitive function. But who knows, maybe writing in this state will produce something unexpected. Maybe I’ll give it a try and see what happens. At least there’s always delete/backspace if things get too weird.

All of that said, I just started watching American Gods (and am nearly at the end already), and I absolutely adore it! Definitely need to read the book now. Maybe I’ll do a more in depth review later, but either way I’ll need to finish watching before I decide.

Anyway I’ll keep this post short, mostly because I feel brain-fried. Hopefully next Tuesday will be better. Hung-over blogging, anyone?

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