A Day Late Already #writing #fail

Aaaaaaaaaand it’s already happened. I wanted to try and post a blog entry every Tuesday, and just a few weeks into my endeavor I’ve missed a deadline.


That said, missing this self-imposed deadline does make me realize how little I adhere to my own rules and regulations. For the most part I live by a very, “I’ll do it when I do it,” sort of mentality, which isn’t at all healthy when it comes to project finish dates. With a new WIP in the works and querying efforts for a previous project on a slow-and-steady course, my inability to force work is really going to catch up with me. I’m not exactly bursting with youthful energy anymore, so putting off these things that are supposedly so important to me isn’t really helping anyone. I can only put them off so long before I check a calendar and suddenly realize that too many years have passed, and then comes the question: What am I doing with my life?

But how do I fix this? I’ve looked up way too many ‘How to Stop Being a Procrastinator’ articles, and never once have they seemed to help. As I’ve been told before though, if it’s important to me (and I can’t seem to remember on my own), put it on a calendar and set up a reminder/alarm. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do: for everything. From blog posts to chapter deadlines to querying – all of my writing related (and other things, obviously) dates/efforts/goals will be written down. If I can’t nag myself into submission, then maybe my phone can.

Here’s hoping…

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