Typical Tuesday

I think I’m going to try and update every Tuesday. I can manage once a week, right? Suppose we’ll find out at any rate…

That said, it’s business as usual, though things have sort of been on pause since last Tuesday. I had family visit, and that was a little more important than searching for agents to query. More family is coming in on Sunday, and between that, a WIP, a full-time job, and considerations of going back to school… I have my work cut out for me.

Seeing as there isn’t much to update, I guess I’ll just ramble for a bit. I’d mention the news, but really, when you wake up every day to something new and horrifying, it really does become numbing after a while. Honestly I just wish everyone on every side could stop being an asshole. It’s sort of amazing to me the lack of all around empathy so many people have, and neither side seems at all able to understand the other. It’s a systemic problem really, and I think things will only get better when we can fix it from the beginning.

Anyway I won’t turn this thing into a political soapbox, but maybe one day I’ll write something relevant to the issues our world is facing.

In the meantime… I have gods to write and apocalypses to prevent in my own fictional and dysfunctional universes.

giphy (1)

See you next Tuesday!

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