Twitter Fail!

Eh not really.

I mean yeah, but I’m just being dramatic.

I did indeed throw my pitches out yesterday for the PitDark event, but sadly no bites. BUT, that is nowhere near the end of the road. I have a long way to go still and really, the Twitter thing was a wholly unexpected addition to what I knew I’d need to do anyway.

I’ve only really recently started to use it (after my writer’s group suggested we all start amping up the social media use), so these pitch events hadn’t even been on my radar before then. So in the end I am a little disappointed, but I’m nowhere near unwavering in my commitment to finding an agent.

Speaking of my writer’s group through, I’ve seriously got to give a shout out to these guys. They’ve been such amazing help. Our 1-year anniversary since the group started is next Friday, and really I don’t know if I’d have even pitched yesterday if it wasn’t for them.

If any new writers ever happen across this blog post, if you ever take one thing away, let it be this: get support from other writers! It’s all well and good to have friends and family read your stuff, but it isn’t quite the same as a person who can give a critical review and tell you how to fix shit. Over the year my group and I have of course become friends, but because we started out or relationship by constructively criticizing one another, there’s no fear of hurting anyone’s feelings. And, well I don’t know about anyone else, but when I have a friend or family member read something and tell me it’s good, all I can think is that of COURSE they’d say that. They love me and don’t want to hurt my feelings.

So yeah, if you are writing, find yourself a group of people who like to read/write as well. Their advice and support is priceless.


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