Hammurabi says, Willkommen!

Thank you for visiting! I’m astonished by the interest and genuinely flattered, so again, thank you from stopping by.

Now with that out of the way…

“Why the name HammurabiSays?” I hear you asking in your head (or maybe now you only are because I’ve mentioned it and I’m sorry about that), so I’ll just go ahead and supply an answer. Can you tell that I’m really reaching for things to put here on the front page? Honestly though, the name was a random thought. I’ve always had a fascination with Babylon (thank Ann Rice for that and her amazing book Servant of the Bones), so as I was coming up with a new screen name that would encompass all things writing related, I figured Hammurabi would work as well as anything else. Also I rather like not having people know my gender right off the get go. It keeps things mysterious and doesn’t encourage bias. Hammurabi alone wasn’t good enough however, not in a world with billions of unique screen names and e-mail addresses, and for whatever reason ‘Simon Says’ (yes the silly game) popped into my head, and thus Hammurabi Says was born because, why not. Anything had to be better than XxX66L337WRITER99XxX.

But I’m sure you didn’t come here to learn about the art of screen name creation. I mean, you might have–even though I didn’t advertise for it–and if so then congratulations! You’ve graduated my short course. Now go, fly free and create screen names with confidence.

For those of you that came for other reasons (I’m guessing boredom or some sort of personal relationship with me that obligates your attendance), I’ll provide an update on my current project statuses.

As of June 2018:

Genesis Lunæ, a book about werewolves with a splash of vampires, body horror and a slight bastardization of the Catholic church, has been sidelined for now. It’s been “in the works” for too many years and still needs more work before it’ll be acceptable for query. Hell, even the query needs work. I was ready to move on and so I did, but Genesis isn’t down for the count. I’ll return to it someday. I just needed to do something new.

Unnamed, is my illustriously titled work in progress (henceforth to be referred to as WIP cause I’m lazy). This WIP has jumped back and forth between YA and MG as I’ve gone. The rough draft was MG and capped at 55k words, but halfway through my 1st revision I got tempted to the YA side, and now that I’m approaching the end of this draft I’m considering MG again. Ugh this indecision is the worst.

In addition to my inability to settle on a ‘rating,’ I also find it near impossible to settle on a genre. It’s part horror, part magical realism, part fantasy – so in the end I’ll likely opt to just call it a dark fantasy and hope for the best. I don’t want to give too much away until I start querying, but I’ve had a blast working on it so far and I’m really hopeful that others will like it.


As for future projects, there are many. I have several completed outlines, and two in particular that I intend to work on once this current WIP is ready to cool off. I’ll update on that when we get to that point, but in the mean time, please enjoy my random blog posts, and if you do a search for short stories you’ll find some of my actual writing. Speaking of which, I’ll try to be a bit more active in that category as well, but man does life get in the way sometimes.

Anyway, thanks for checking in!