Update as of January 2018:

I figured it was high time this front page had more up to date information. So Genesis Lunæ, a book about werewolves with a splash of vampires, body horror and a slight bastardization of the Catholic church, has been sidelined for now. It’s been “in the works” for too many years and still needs more work before it’ll be acceptable for query. I was ready to move on and so I did, but Genesis isn’t down for the count. I’ll return to it someday.


That said, I’m currently working on a Young Adult horror(ish) story about a girl who gets haunted by a ghost. I’m really awful at figuring out genre, so it may be horror, or it may be a supernatural adventure. I just plain suck at figuring out where things fit. Originally it was going to be a Middle Grade story so I capped my rough draft at around 55,000 words, but as I begin my first round of edits it’s looking like the MG is out and the YA rating is in. I’ll update again as the edits continue, and hopefully that doesn’t take too long cause I am having a helluva good time working on this thing.

Thanks for checking in!