So I’ll be honest: I have absolutely no idea what to put here.

I’m currently at the threshold of trying to find an agent who might be interested Genesis Lunæ, a book about werewolves with a splash of vampires, body horror and a slight bastardization of the Catholic church. I started this project years ago with a friend and co-author, and I feel like it’s finally ready to see the world.

Like all writers though I’m nervous as hell when I think about people judging it. No matter how much you tell yourself not to take it personally, it’s impossible not to. So many hours are poured into something, and you just can’t help but feel it’s part of you. Still, I look forward to my first rejection letter.

Through my editing process I was fortunate to get one of the harshest criticisms ever from a stranger I did a beta-reading exchange with, and though his opinions did hurt my feelings a little, I think they ultimately helped make my final draft what it was. I chopped the story down from 130k to 103k, and good grief did it need that. So thank you random internet dude.

So with all that out of the way, I’ll be working on this site for a while, so don’t judge me if you see a lot of unfinished pages here or the stray typo. It’s just another WIP.